Warborough Jujutsu Club
A traditional martial arts club in Oxfordshire, UK.

Jujutsu in Warborough


Warborough Jujutsu Club is a martial arts club practicing a traditional Japanese martial art in the village of Warborough. We are a few miles south of Oxford, just outside Wallingford - See these details for information on how to find the Warborough Jujutsu class.

The martial art of jujutsu,also spelt jujitsu, is a forerunner to modern judo and aikido. It has many different styles or schools. Although each style emphasises different aspects, all share a number of features. The style we practice, Daiwa Ryu jujutsu is described in this blog entry. In brief, it shares a common ancestor with Aikido and Hakko Ryu jujutsu.

We are a small, enthusiastic group, some of whom have only recently started training in martial arts, others have been practising for decades. All abilities are welcomed, but adults only. This particular style of jujutsu is not suitable for children. For those under eighteen I can recommend the Inkai Judo clubs — my son used to train with them!

There are no specific beginner classes, just come along to one of our regular Tuesday night sessions. Your first taster session is free, so you have nothing to lose. From then on sessions are £5.00.

If you're intending to visit I'd suggest that you drop an email to giles@jujutsu.org.uk as work commitments occasionally mean the class has to be cancelled if there is no instructor available.

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